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"We are One with All"
"We are All in One"
Integrating from the Soul

Constelaciones familiares online y presencial en barcelona

let me accompany you back to the heart

I am Marcos Lezo, a human being committed to his own personal and spiritual evolution and to that of all those people who in one way or another come into my life because I understand that there is always an intrinsic reason for all of us to know each other at all times.


You do not come here by chance. Your desire to know and see yourself in a much more conscious, clear, friendly and full way leads you to connect with other ways of understanding Life and the movements that influence and direct you towards greater understandings ...


Let me accompany you to a new vision of Reality

The systemic and transpersonal language breaks with the dualistic vision about the cause of the symptom in which something or someone external to me seems to be the direct cause of what I experience. With this new vision we broaden our gaze and therefore our consciousness to take full responsibility for what happens to us and from that side exercise the real power that can transform our lives.


Dare to be the creator of your experience and not just the effect of it.

Talleres de Constelaciones familiares
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Courses and workshops

Consult my proposal for courses and workshops that I am organizing periodically in different geographical areas. If you feel that it could be interesting to offer a course or workshop in your area, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Reflections and news


Check in the Blog all the news that I am offering about workshops, seminars, talks and courses of a systemic and transpersonal nature, as well as other types of reflections that encourage us to self-inquiry and the awakening of Unity consciousness.

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Talleres de constelaciones familiares

Constelaciones familiares online

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