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About me



Transpersonal Psychotherapist


Family and systemic constellator


Evolutionary Tarot Master


Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master


Akashic Records Channeler


Regressive Hypnosis Therapist


A Course in Miracles


My vision


We undoubtedly live in historical moments of great and profound social and personal changes in which very often we lose our orientation about what we thought our path in life should be, nevertheless being born to a new reality and a new language that we had not learned before when we were little or, of course, later when we matured as citizens involved in the society in which we live.


A REAL reality of truth, full of life and self-love in which little by little we are being aware of our own divinity and internal mastery, united to everything and everyone, which we identify and see reflected in all the Beings that surround us and beyond ...


The therapeutic approach in a systemic and transpersonal way, where the sense of integration of the body, mind and spirit as indissoluble and interconnected concepts, are the fundamental pillar of any methodology used, represents for me a fundamental motor of change and conscious personal transformation , where the concepts of disease, emotional imbalance, fear and external dependence on situations and people cease to have any weight or foundation once certain levels of awareness are reached.


The systemic and transpersonal therapies accompany and undoubtedly help to better integrate old patterns, unconscious emotions and beliefs imposed by ourselves and by other external sources with the aim of "rebirth" to the true Essence that we are and always were, although for various reasons we have forgotten ...


I invite you precisely to this, to be reborn in YOU so that you radiate with force all the LIGHT and magnificence that you already are and have always been. My proposal is without a doubt to accompany you on your return to your true Essence.


Marcos Lezo

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